I set myself to write a poem
          But lacked a subject.
I sought inspiration
          Asked a friend,
               "What shall I write?"
                    The reply came "Life".
I floundered.
The immensity of such a topic!
          Questioning further: "Happiness".

"Walk with your face towards the sun,
     Your shadow will fall behind you." A quotation,
I forget from where and yet
          The meaning is clear.

I tried to dream up lofty words
          But had not a thing to say.
Confronted by infinity,
     I rub my eyes and stare.

The horizon looms ever in sight
               Yet untouchable.
                    There, and yet ... not.
          Visible but intangible.
     Clearly cloudy.

"A drop in the ocean of eternity."
     A familiar resonance.
     Music sent by the Muse,
          Forgetfulness beckons.
We succumb.

Copyright © 11th June 1987 by Jonathan H N Chin